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Greenbrier Dental Excellence in Springfield, Tennessee, extends a warm welcome to you. We are a professional dental clinic in Springfield. We are committed to providing you with various dental treatments. Our goal is to offer excellent dental care in a good environment. We can help you get that smile that everyone will love.

Our Promise to You

Greenbrier Dental Excellence believes that everyone should receive the best dental treatment possible. Everybody is unique; hence, we work very hard to provide personalized services. We sincerely want you to be at ease and content. Our dental clinic in Springfield guarantees the prompt and successful completion of your treatments by using cutting-edge dentistry technologies and procedures. We can provide the best service in a comfortable environment. Our staff will make your visit simple and stress-free.

Our dental services for you

(1 )Our experts keep your teeth healthy through regular checkups. Regular dental cleaning check-ups and exams keep your smile looking good. Throughout your consultation, we will carefully clean and examine your teeth to guarantee your health and spot any abnormalities early. We can run tests and get x-rays to provide a picture of your dental health. Your teeth can be protected against cavities and other harm with guards and fluoride treatments. That is one further way to protect your smile.

(2 ) Additionally, Springfield cosmetic dentists are highly skilled at what they do. Cosmetic dentistry in Springfield makes you feel better about yourself and your health can come from smiling. We at Greenbrier Dental Excellence want you to be happy to show your smile since we have improved the look of your teeth. Using dental bonding, custom veneers, cleaning your teeth, or doing a full smile makeover, we can enhance the look of your smile. Additionally available is the easy-to-use and clear invisalign method of straightening teeth.

(3 ) Your teeth need restorative dentistry to be repaired and to have better function and look. Among the many methods we can restore your teeth with dental implants, root canal therapy, full and partial dentures, tooth-colored fillings, and bespoke crowns and bridges. At that moment, your teeth will continue to be healthy and work as they should. Our dentist in Springfield can treat small gaps and missing teeth with restorative procedures.

(4 )  We are very proud to be a family dental clinic in Springfield. Please bring the entire family together, as Greenbrier Dental Excellence treats patients of all ages. Our family dentistry services include adult dental care, orthodontic assessments, preventative care for individuals of all ages, and dental treatment for infants. Families need to be able to get high-quality care fast while they are busy. Every member of the family has needs that we work very hard to meet.

(5 )  Another area where we shine is dental treatment. Your oral health will benefit from straight teeth, and you will look better. Just two of the dental treatments we provide to meet your needs are metal braces and invisalign clear aligners. We can help with bite problems or crooked teeth. Both the health of your teeth generally and your smile will benefit from this. Fitting and refilling your retainers after treatment can also guarantee that they stay in place.

(6 ) You could be dealing with painful tooth issues that just appear. We are, therefore, here to support you. Our experts can handle your sudden dental problems. Our expert can help you with various sudden emergency situations. This includes severe toothaches, chipped or fractured teeth, or knocked-out teeth. Any of these dental crises is something we can assist you with. We take great care of your comfort and move quickly to ease your pain and enhance the condition of your mouth.

Meet Your Dentist, Dr. Chad Ellis.

Dr. Chad Ellis makes every effort to provide his patients with the finest care he can. Through his extensive knowledge and desire to continually learn more, Dr. Ellis ensures you get the most effective and modern treatments. He feels that providing his patients with customized, excellent care requires a thorough understanding of them.

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