Accessibility Statement.

Commitment to Accessibility at Greenbrier Dental Excellence

Greenbrier Dental Excellence is dedicated to improving the accessibility of our website’s content. We strive to ensure an inclusive and accessible online experience for all users. Below are recommendations to enhance your browsing experience, especially if you face challenges in seeing or hearing our web pages.

Enhancing Your Web Experience:

  • Read Web Pages Out Loud: Utilize your computer’s functionality to have web pages read aloud.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Navigate through screens using your keyboard.
  • Text Size Adjustment: Increase the text size for easier reading.
  • Screen Magnification: Magnify your screen for better visibility.
  • Color Adjustments: Change the background and text colors for contrast and clarity.
  • Visible Mouse Pointer: Enhance the visibility of your mouse pointer (Windows only).

Additional Tools:

  • Speech Recognition Software: Tools like Dragon Naturally Speaking can assist in navigating web pages and online services using voice commands.
  • Accessibility for Deaf or Hard of Hearing: We offer various features to aid users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please contact us for any specific needs.

Closed Captioning:

  • Video Transcripts: Our video content may include closed captioning, beneficial for users who are deaf, hard of hearing, or in noisy environments. Learn how to activate captions on YouTube and other platforms.

Volume Controls:

  • Adjustable Volume: Utilize the volume controls on your device and within each media player to optimize your listening experience.

External Links Notice:

  • Links to Third-Party Websites: Our website contains links to external sites, including international organizations and private entities, which may not follow the same accessibility standards. You are subject to their policies when visiting these sites.

Need Additional Assistance?

If the above recommendations don’t meet your needs, we encourage you to contact Greenbrier Dental Excellence directly at (615) 863-1221 for further assistance.

Our Ongoing Commitment:

Greenbrier Dental Excellence acknowledges the importance of a universally accessible website. We are actively working to evaluate and improve the accessibility of our website, aligning with WCAG 2.0/2.1 and 2.2 standards. Our team is engaged in identifying and addressing any accessibility barriers. If you experience any difficulties while navigating our website, please reach out to us so we can swiftly work towards a solution.